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From a distance, this world is a beautiful place. The closer you look though, the uglier it gets. I still remember watching documentaries as a kid showing in gruesome detail how predatory animals kill, rip and swallow their prey. When I asked my parents why the filmmakers didn't save the poor prey animals, the answer was something like, “Well those predator animals need to eat too.”

Fair enough, lions, eagles and sharks probably wouldn’t survive on a vegetarian diet and they only kill as many animals as they need to survive. Even if they overeat or hoard food at times, they only do so to the extent needed to survive the next hunger period.

There is one species though that kills and hoards more than it needs for its own survival: humans. How many millions do you need for you and your children never ever having to worry about money? 5 million? 25 million? 50 million? So why do people who are already that rich keep chasing more money? Even after 100 million, 500 million, 1 billion they still want to hoard more.

And how do they acquire such fortune? Through honest work? Nobody gets that rich without the use of unethical methods, or, as Honoré de Balzac once wrote, "Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”

We live in a world run by monsters, pimps and prostitutes. They try very hard to hide their pathological lack of empathy, but the fact remains that they are just a bunch of mild-mannered mass-murderers and soft-spoken psychopaths. Who cares whether their condition is caused by nature or nurture?!

You can’t just blame it all on the Jews. Sure, it was Sephardic Jews that were behind the Portuguese efforts to circumvent the Venetian-Arab monopoly on spice import to Europe, bringing misery and death on tens of millions of Africans and Asians. It was the Sephardic Jew Cristobal Colombo and his brother who slowly roasted to death millions of Native Americans on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. It was Sephardic Jews who controlled the slave trade between African and the American colonies. It was Sephardic Jews that were behind the genocidal Dutch spice trade that wiped out entire islands in SE Asia to ensure their production monopoly. It was Sephardic Jews from Iraq and India who flooded China with Opium from Afghanistan. It was Ashkenazi Jews who exploited and mistreated Russian and Ukrainian peasants to an extent that their life was no better than that of a prisoner in a Stalinist Gulag. It is Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews that are running the show in the United States, leading it to war after war for the benefit of Jewish controlled multi-national corporations and investment banks. But it is always equally greedy and psychopathic “Christians” who are making those Jewish crimes possible by providing them with the necessary legal, political and military support.

Jews make up less than 0.25% of the world’s population. They can hold as many key positions in whatever area of society they want; they cannot control us without a sufficient number of us collaborating with them. Those pimps and prostitutes within our ranks are an even bigger problem than those parasitic monsters themselves.

Money is the main cause of most evil

The mentioned predator mentality of the Jews and their minions wouldn't be such a problem if it wasn't for money. Humans have learned over the past thousands of years how to deal with predators and how to protect themselves from them. No, money is the main cause of most evil, because it is was makes the human predator so dangerous. Originally its purpose was simply to have a standardised, durable, easily storable and transportable item of exchange for goods and services. What makes it a problem is that it can be hoarded, providing its "human predator" owner a deadly competitive advantage over us.

This is what makes money so attractive to people with a psychopathic condition. I don’t care if our ruling parasites want to see the world from a ‘law of the jungle’ framework and act like predators. I don’t hate predators and I don’t expect them to become vegetarians, as long as they only kill and hoard as much food as they need for themselves and their children to survive. What I have a problem with are predators with a genetic or behavioural defect that makes them kill and hoard more than they need. As far as our ruling monsters and their minion pimps and prostitutes is concerned that defect has reached a state where it endangers humanity as a whole, in fact all life on Earth. They must be dealt with accordingly. And we urgently need to think about how to counter the socially harmful side effect of money

Rebel of Oz is the editor/publisher of the dissident therebel.org site. This article was first published on the Rebel Site on 11 May 2013.


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