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  • duncanlucas
    9 hours 11 minutes ago

    Illuminati -looking at the symbol you use its a rip-off of the Masons or an Order of the Theosophical Association of which I was a member in the past. The Masons are full of Jews and anti-working class who use that organisation for self benefit not of the soul but of the body by leap frogging over other better qualified persons in a work situation .I personally cant stand them.

  • rebelofoz
    11 hours ago

    For some reason the two right sidebars don't display at the moment. It have only noticed it on the homepage, but on none of the other pages. Could be a bug in one of the recently upgraded extensions that integrate with our social networking component.

    duncanlucas It would be better if you told members exactly what you stand for in the way of politics it sounds like a pyramid selling exercise or a typical US advert for=give us your money then we will help you. If it is a philosophical organisation then tell us your values what joining involves Illuminati traditionally means a well favoured ex member of a good university etc. If it is more than just an advert you find on RT etc advertising =You !! can earn $1000,s of dollars a day by doing -X-Y-Z then be more explicit.
    9 hours 26 minutes ago
  • duncanlucas
    11 hours 7 minutes ago

    the log out symbol at the end of -profile-friends etc last on the right now has a gear symbol attached to the logout symbol

    duncanlucas Clicking on it Rebel brings out a balloon saying=hide this symbol it doesnt log you out.
    9 hours 22 minutes ago
  • duncanlucas
    11 hours 12 minutes ago

    On the plus side I dont have any problems posting at the moment but the site seems lifeless its like a Steven king book I once read and it was turned into a film of a plane arriving in the past with a lifeless world .

    rebelofoz Yep, i was wondering what's going. Maybe people are busy with christmas preparations.
    11 hours 3 minutes ago
  • duncanlucas
    11 hours 16 minutes ago

    This is eery its like a ghost version of the Rebel site all white except for the posts and welcome to the Rebel Website no photos of members etc just blank I am amazed I can still post .If everybody else isnt seeing what I can see then the GCHQ is playing games with me.

  • duncanlucas rebelofoz
    11 hours 20 minutes ago

    Rebel I obviously am not seeing the real Home page but a virtual copy ,do you see my two posts just now ? its 3 hours since the last one and nobody else has posted there (according to the webpage) something funny is going on.

    rebelofoz Lucas, I got your message right now.
    11 hours 18 minutes ago
  • rebelofoz
    11 hours 27 minutes ago

    Duncan, it didn't crash over night. If there were any problems, it was because the hosting company was optimising the server configuration - on my request - to maximise the benefit from the quadrupling of the server RAM.

  • duncanlucas
    11 hours 27 minutes ago

    Rebel the webpage looks nearly blank except for the top heading and the posts something far wrong here.

  • duncanlucas
    14 hours 48 minutes ago

    John De Nugent -Sorry to hear about the cash flow as you said people are restricted because of reduction on help from the state -reduction in wages -tax increases aimed at the poor . Your site will be missed if it goes down but dont keep in the background stay fighting evil in this World .

  • duncanlucas
    14 hours 53 minutes ago

    Well if everything is okay then I am being attacked hard to impossible to post -long delays in reaching website.Website down previously according to European server. Attacked with a trojan encoder (file locker) blocked it .Will see if this posts

  • Broiler added a reply in discussion Why the sexodus is really happ...

    Find a suitable woman that is still a practicing Christian, then get a rat bastard, Jew lawyer and have her sign a prenup. If she balks at all at the prenup, move on. This is what the Jews do, don't reinvent the wheel. We live in this Jew controlled world, use their own tools against them and for you. Is this need to tiptoe through the Jew court ...

  • Broiler added a reply in discussion Does anyone notice a differenc...

    Hello rebel,

    I notice a huge difference today (East Coast USA). Everything is loading faster. To be even faster, consider moving segments of the website that are rarely visited off-line. That's a tough thing to do as this is "your baby". However, "sleeker" might be faster still and we humans are an impatient lot. Just a thought.
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  • duncanlucas
    17 hours 3 minutes ago

    Is the site working okay now I got rebel down a while earlier?

  • rebelofoz started a new discussion Does anyone notice a differenc...

    I was wondering, if anyone notices a difference with the Rebel Website? I've upgraded its RAM, in fact I quadrupled it. To me it seems faster, but I was wondering whether my readers have noticed any change....

  • rebelofoz Likes I hate
  • rebelofoz added a reply in discussion Are 9 years of rebelliousness ...

    Thanks to the generosity and loyalty of a number of long-time and some newly won supporters, I was not only able to pay for this month's hosting and license fees, but also to quadruple the RAM of the server. Even though that means a US$240 increase of my monthly hosting fee, I think it's worth the extra expense because not only does it make the ser...

  • duncanlucas

    They are still punting -Israel for your holidays abroad on German satellite TV. Visit Masada ,swim in the Dead sea and ""visit where it all began" happy smiling faces, Nutteryahu has got most of the Western World well controlled , you would never think he was carrying out the extermination of a whole race of people and want to start a nuke war with Iran-well he wants Obommer to do it and he will lob a few of his 600 (conservative figure ) nukes at Iran

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