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Mandy Rice-Davies (above) spent time on holiday with Margaret Thatcher.

Both Mandy Rice-Davies and Jimmy Savile shared long friendships with Margaret Thatcher.


Many of the people who knew the identity of the Man in the Mask, "died in suspicious circumstances."

In 1961 an orgy was arranged at a flat in London by Mariella Novotny, famous for sleeping with John F Kennedy.


Those in attendance at this 'Man in the Mask' party included:

The 'prostitutes' Mandy Rice-Davis and Christeen Keeler,

The USA's ABC TV network falsely described footage of Gaza homes, which were destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces, as belonging to Israelis.

The wrongly-attributed footage accompanied a report by ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer entitled 'Under Attack', describing how rockets were 'raining down on Israel today.' America'sMainstream Media

Brian Ross

In 2001, Brian Ross and ABC falsely reported that Saddam Hussein was linked to the anthrax attacks in the US.


During the South Ossetia War, CNN used images from Georgia's destruction of Tskhinval in South Ossetia to illustrate a piece about a Russian advance.

The Duke of Edinburgh has links to Bohemia Grove, Mountbatten and Jimmy Savile.

1. From the Sun Herald - January 28, 1996. - The Royal Philanderer

"Another clubbish scene was the Bohemia Grove retreat in California, where such powerful figures as Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, as well as some of America's wealthiest businessmen, gathered for important discussions and blokey companionship.

"The rich and powerful sometimes made their way to the nearby town of Guerneville, where 10 bars were enhanced by call girls.

Satanists in Queensland - The Sydney Morning Herald How did the killer manage to stab eight children without any of them trying to run away?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

"I heard her fighting with someone this morning about 4am," a neighbour, Tahnia Ruttensteiner, said.

It is not clear who is "the second person taken to hospital."

8 Children found stabbed to death in Cairns, Australia.

Mersane Warria (above) was always described as 'happy go lucky and seemed to really love her kids', Daily Mail Australia has been told.

Trolls tend to have personality problems such as:

Machiavellianism - the eagerness to manipulate others;

Narcissism- self-obsession, pride, and excessive conceitedness;

Psychopathy- antisocial behavior and the inability to experience remorse or empathy;

Sadism - the enjoyment in causing others pain.

The results of two online studies reveal significant correlations between these problematic traits and cyber-trolling behavior, with sadism ranking as the most common among trolls.

Internet trolls have real personality problems, study shows

Sometimes we delete comments - from people like Salvatore.

Mersane Warria (above) was always described as 'happy go lucky and seemed to really love her kids', Daily Mail Australia has been told. Very recentlyMersane Warria, aka Raina Thaiday, "found God." A cousin, named Josh, told Daily Mail Australia that "the rest of the extended family was religious." dailymail Mersane Warria's home On 19 december 2014, eight children were found stabbed to death at Mersane Warria's home in Cairns, Australia.


Was Simon Harris working for the UK security services?

In the 1980's, Simon Harris sexually abused boys at Shebbear College, a private boarding school in Devon in the UK.

Simon Harris was not prosecuted by the police.

However, Simon Harris was placed on the sex offenders' register for life.

And Simon harris was issued with a Foreign Travel Order - which bans sex offenders from travelling abroad.

The UK military's internment camp in Gilgil.

Between the early 1990s and the spring of 2013, Simon Harris spent six months a year in the Kenyan town of Gilgil.

Over the centuries, these poor Whites have been treated just as badly as the poor Irish or the poor Blacks or the poor Jews. The elite herd the poor into ghettoes.

The Member of Parliament for Castlemilk was Teddy Taylor, a right wing Conservative.

The poor Protestants were conned into voting for Taylor because of Taylor's right-wing protestant Christian views.

A famous local headmaster assured me that Teddy Taylor was actually a crypto-Jew.

Of course, the Labour Party in Glasgow is no better than the Conservatives.

Free Palestine!

Free Palestine! There is only one solution to the ME problem and that's a Jew-free one-state solution!!! - Rebel of Oz


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