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  • rebelofoz added a reply in discussion I hate...

    Trust me, I have noticed. I have seen what they have done to my fellow activist Brendon O'Connell. I have seen how they have blacklisted me and made it impossible for me to find any paid employment....

  • rebelofoz added a reply in discussion National Socialism and Faith...

    Truth for Germans, I appreciate an honest and frank discussion as much as you do. Where and why exactly do you disagree with above article?...

  • rebelofoz Likes 'The Human Costs of Forever Wars'
    13 hours 44 minutes ago
  • Truth For Germans added a reply in discussion National Socialism and Faith...

    Rebel of Oz, this came to my attention and I will appreciate your own opinions as that of your own e..g, marked (ED NOTE:..........) and not that of what my website Truth For Germans as per the original post. Even between bloggers and website owners, as a German I value intellectual honesty, there is enough evidence on my website to contradict what...

  • Truth For Germans

    NSDAP Christmas based on Christianity


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  • Truth For Germans

    Will appreciate the support of my website truthforgermans.com/

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  • rebelofoz

    Twas the night before Future Christmas

    When all through the land

    Not a Commie-Pinko is stirring

    The Reds had been banned

    Central Banking abolished

    Gold and silver restored

    Wall Street is tamed

    Their ox has been gored

    Taxes are light

    With budgets in balance

    Freed of debt slavery

    Folks discover their talents

    Hollywood is wholesome

    Filth and porn no more

    Kim Kardashian is history

    That dirty little whore

    The culture is reborn

    The end of modern art

    Rockwell and Rembrandt

    Replace Picasso, that fart

    America is at peace

    To the Zionists dismay

    No more wars for Israel

    Hip Hip. Hooray!

    The press is now free

    Of lies and omissions

    Conspiracies are exposed

    Not concealed by Commissions

    Jobs are plentiful

    The middle class booms

    Welfare cheats face reality

    And forced to push brooms

    The border is sealed

    Illegals denied entry

    Problem solved

    It was so elementary

    Traditional morality

    Now back in fashion

    As adulterers and queers

    Conceal their dark passion

    The crime rate has plummeted

    As all citizens are armed

    All those dead Trayvon Martins

    Made the criminals alarmed

    Justice has been served

    With Obama and Bush in jail

    Predator Drones and Smart Bombs

    Got them arrested without bail

    Academia is cleansed

    Of false science and history

    The truth of our past

    Is no longer a mystery

    The Fuhrer's great name

    We did restore

    No longer to blame

    We admire him more

    A girl is a girl

    And a boy is a boy

    Families are happy

    Homes full of joy

    If this kind of world

    Sounds appealing to you

    Then support TomatoBubble

    Because we want it too!

    By Mike King


  • rebelofoz

    Merry Christmas to all of my readers. My apologies to everyone for having been so quiet over the past few days, but I've been busy with important Christmas/family business. No, I'm not Santa Claus. In fact, I don't even believe in Santa Claus, but that doesn't stop me from celebrating Christmas with my family, not without emphasising though that I am not celebrating Saint Nicolaus, which is really on December 6, but Jesus' birthday. Again, whether Jesus did really exist, or is - as I'm more inclined to believe - an invention by Roman-Jewish historian Titus Josephus Flavius, is irrelevant, as is the fact that Christmas is actually based on the birthday celebration of Roman god Mithras. The early church just stole that holiday from the Mithras cult, as they frequently stole their temples to convert them into Christian churches, triggering riots that prompted Roman officials to 'persecute' early Christians. Jew know who this whining over Roman persecution reminds me of.

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